Friday, January 20, 2006

Photos from the first reading: HENCHMAN

Our first reading was at the Judith Weston Studio/Two Lights Studio. Thanks to the excellent readers and those who came to listen, give feedback on the script, and mingle afterward!

Intro to the reading (from right): Anna Siri, Courtney Lamb, Sharri Hefner, and Readers

Readers introduce themselves (from left): Amanda Tate, Michele Karpel, Allan Rabinowitz, Annie Savage, Seth Beeler, Brendan O'Malley, Sarah Sido, Robyn Moran

During the reading

Reader Seth Beeler chats up audience members

Reader Fred Cross gets in character(s)

Courtney Lamb listens intently to an audience member

Monday, January 16, 2006

Reading Series: HENCHMAN, by Courtney Lamb

Feedback Writers' Group

Two Lights Studio

3402 Motor Ave

Los Angeles


January 18, 7:30pm
Phone: 310-613-1672

Our writer's group is sponsoring a free STAGED READING of the screenplay

HENCHMAN, by Courtney Lamb.

THE STORY: Pissed off 13-year-old Garrett reacts to his parents' recent rancorous break up by starting seventh grade with a plan: befriend the biggest bully in school, then kick his cheating father's ass.

THE READERS: The reading features a strong group of comedic actors, including: Seth Beeler, Michele Karpel, Fred Cross, Robyn Moran, Brendan O'Malley, Allan Rabinowitz, Annie Savage, Sarah Sido, and Amanda Tate.

THE COMPANY: Drew Falkman, Elisabeth Fies, Sharri Hefner, Courtney Lamb, Anna Siri, Sarah Vaill

SYNOPSIS: Garrett Scott begins seventh grade on the day his obnoxious, self-centered dad Rick moves out of the family home. In response, Garrett tries to buddy up to the new bully in school, avoid the taunting of a middle school gang, stay out of trouble with the teachers at school, put off his earnest, nerdy friends on the Academic Competition Team, and deal with his distracted mom Meredith and annoyingly happy little sister Millie, all while trying to figure out how to ruin Rick's life like Rick ruined the family. HENCHMAN is a story about the effects of divorce, bullies, math word problems, and dancing school on one boy's life.