Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pistoleras Actors

A big thanks to our amazing
Reading Cast:

NARRATOR Courtney Graff Lamb

ALLISON Carly Craig
JAMIE Tria Xiong
CASEY Lily Chai
HEATHER Farrah Greye

DRIVER Tom Derek
FEMALE VOICE Christina Wickers
SEXY BEAST Mark Arnold
FEDERALES Stuart Bennett
DIRTY OLD MAN Andrew Jackson

LUKE Keisuke Hoashi
MATTHEW Mark Arnold
THE WAY GUY Fred Cross

MAN IN BLACK Jeremy Jed Hammel
BLONDE MAN Keisuke Hoashi
PEDRO Robert Negron

Photos from third reading: PISTOLERAS

Our third reading was March 22nd, 2006 at the Sacred Fools Theatre in Hollywood. The reading was following by a lively and thoughtful Q&A session, which allowed writer Lis Fies to hear immediate audience feedback to help in future drafts of the script.

Thanks to those who came to see it and participated in the Q&A, and to the actors!

The script was PISTOLERAS, by Lis Fies & Sharri Hefner.

Lis Intro
Writer Lis Fies welcomes the audience and introduces the script with a trivia contest.

Actors Prepare
The readers prepare.

Sacred FoolsWelcome to our lair: the corridor into the theatre.

Q&AFeedback member Courtney Lamb (far right) moderates the post-reading Q&A with the audience and actors as writer Lis Fies listens.

AudienceAudience members respond during the Q&A.

Sacred FoolsFeedback LA members, actors and audience members mingle after the reading.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Reading Series March 22: PISTOLERAS by Lis Fies

FEEDBACK LA Writer's Group cordially invites you to a reading of

by Elisabeth Fies

GENRE: Teen Chick Spaghetti Western, Ultra-violent
Tarantino and Rodriguez meet Blue Crush and Gloria Steinem.

When FOUR TEENAGE GIRLS cut school to surf in Baja, their dangerously naive sexuality lands them in danger. After hooking up with a van of Christian boys, one of them disappears. The raucous journey to find her takes the girls deep into the underbelly of the Skin Industry, where they must brutally battle Federales and the Mob to save their childhood friend and free all the enslaved girls.

ELISABETH FIES is…”Kid Sis”, as seen on CNN in the Eisner-winning book “Mom’s Cancer”. For dozens of industry blurbs about her writing, visit the popular blog Kid Sis in

Wednesday, March 22 at 7:30 p.m.

The Sacred Fools Theater
660 N. Heliotrope (just south of Melrose)
Hollywood 90004

Parking free in open lot next to building

Scripts available on request to industry guests.

Also by Elisabeth Fies:

DEAD MOM'S CLUB - A dark RomCom about a clique of twenty-somethings thrust into caregiving positions. With 1 in 2 Americans diagnosed with cancer, and 1 in 3 twenty-somethings forced to move back home with their parents for financial reasons, DEAD MOM'S CLUB is a zeitgeist script that is Generation Y's BIG CHILL.

THE COMMUNE - When a punk teen is forced to spend the summer on her estranged father's commune, she learns that not only is he a dark shaman, but she's been bred to be the Midsummer sacrifice. If you miss the intelligence, craftsmanship and psychological truth of horrifying thrillers like "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Shining", you'll love pooping your pants at THE COMMUNE.